Steffi – interviewed by Resident Advisor

Posted on 31/05/2013 · Posted in Berlin, Music

While putting updates on this website, I sometimes listen to Radio Podcasts from Resident Advisor; a comprehensive website for any house music lover.

This month, RA aired an interview with DJ Steffi in their Series RA Exchange, it's a 50 minute long and worthy interview about the person behind the music. About her musical career that brought her, after 10 years of music making in Amsterdam, to one of Berlin's center points of house music - the Panorama Bar.

steffi-panoramabar05Dutch born DJ Steffi is one of Panorama Bar's longest-serving residents and a key figure in the realms of contemporary electronic music. In 2006, she moved to Berlin after having been invited as a resident DJ at Panorama Bar. If it wasn't for that, Berlin wasn't on her radar.

Nevertheless, her residency has definitely put her on the international house music radar since and eventually paved the way for her first official mix CD, Panorama Bar 05, which she just released earlier this month.

So, if you're up for some Berlin electronic music with Dutch origin, head over to Resident Advisor to hear some nice words about the Amsterdam, Beats & the Berlin music scene.

Podcast Interview:

RA.EX147 Steffi

Or, click here for the direct link to the mp3-file.

And here you can find the Album Review and listen to the tunes, while reading!