Kamas et les Corbeaux

Kamas et les Corbeaux

Posted on 01/11/2012 · Posted in Music

While working on this website and other work projects, I usually listen to music or any kind of internet radio. Sometimes it's a talkradio, then some electronic music, then again something totally different. At least, I usually listen to tranquil music.

One of my favourite artists to listen to for some years now, is the Parisian band: "Kamas et les Corbeaux".
And now, I thought it's time to pay them a little tribute on BerlinBlue's blog.

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If you're in a hurry...

and you don't have time to read further and listen to the whole album below, make sure to play track 12; "Linda". It's my favourite song of Kamas et les Corbeaux!

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Some years ago, in the wintery month of January 2008, I joined my dear friend Julia for a work visit to Paris. Jules needed to visit an Interior Design Fair for inspiration and meet some people there, regarding her work as Head Stylist at Funk it Up! Event Styling.

For our stay, she found us a wonderful, cute & cosy apartment, up the road behind the renowned Moulin Rouge, in Paris' artistic district Montmartre.

And as the real Parisiens do, we didn't spend much time in our apartment. Instead, we enjoyed the outside street life, while strolling the small rues de Montmartre, despite the cold weather. Surrounded by so many nice & trendy cafes, we couldn't stop anywhere for long...



Accept that last cafe, which we passed late at night. The music we already heard outside the establishment, attracted us even more to explore this typical Parisien bar... It was a small, but filled cafe and everyone seemed to be already taken on a journey, by this wonderful voice of this beautiful Parisien Lady...

The music was so appealing, that after the concert was over, I immediately bought their 2007 EP "Le Dancing"... For years, it lay around in my car, to be sporadically played and forgotten about again. Until I one day, imported the CD into my music library and started listening to it, more often.

And that's for some years now. And since the band is still very unknown, I just wanted to share my love for this amazing French music band!

Have a listen yourself, and let me know via the comments below, what you think of it!

Enjoy the full album "Linda"!

And if you like it so much as I do, then you can buy their album to enjoy their music anytime, while also supporting the artist!